Split Day Trip to Krka & Šibenik: Foolproof Getaway Wrapped in Nature and History

by | Mar 14, 2022

Your Split holiday presents a world of possibilities that you can pack into a quick day trip outside the city. And because Split is celebrated as the hub of Dalmatia with easy connections to the islands and other UNESCO towns along the coast, it would be a shame not to experience the magic beyond the grandeur of Diocletian’s Palace.
A favourite and foolproof one-day getaway is to the famous cascading waterfalls of Krka National Park and the neighbouring town of Šibenik, just an hour’s drive up the coast. From untouched nature to UNESCO-protected pearls, rippling rivers to famous fortresses and family-run wineries to Michelin-star eateries, Krka and Šibenik offer something for all types of travellers.

What to see at Krka National Park?

First up is Krka National Park, undoubtedly one of Dalmatia’s most popular attractions. Proclaimed a national park in 1985 and named after the Krka River that runs through it, Krka National Park was established to protect its river, with elements of culture, education, recreation and tourism cloaked into its charm. 
Krka national park
Krka is known for its series of 7 waterfalls, the most famous of which is Skradinski buk, the park’s most visited (and Instagrammed) attraction. However, while this photo-worthy location has earned its spot as Krka’s most renowned star, many tourists fail to explore the cascades that ripple into Roški Slap, the park’s less frequented site. The Roški Slap area offers a walking trail and spectacular views, as the travertine barriers form into what locals call the ‘silver necklaces’, or a series of small cascades that change colour to resemble nature’s most stunning jewellery. 
Krka Waterfalls
Wineries near Krka National Park

Did you know that some of Croatia’s most cherished wineries are located just a short drive from Krka National Park? One of which was even visited by the late American chef Anthony Bourdain and praised for its ‘epic wines’?

wines near krka
The Skradin hills are home to some spectacular winery experiences, from 500-year-old vineyards to indigenous, hand-harvested and organically grown grapes that thrive thanks to its sunny slopes. You can explore exceptional tasting rooms and cellars while uncovering the history of the families behind the vines, all of which make for the perfect pit-stop to sip and recharge before continuing your journey to Šibenik. 
Wineries near Krka
What to do in Šibenik?
Once you move from the hills and break into the views of the Adriatic, you are greeted by Šibenik, a fortress town and UNESCO treasure. This quaint coastal town mixes culture, history, and the best of the Mediterranean without the busy tracks of tourists. But what makes Šibenik genuinely shine is that it boasts three land and one sea fortress, while it is the only town in Croatia and one of five in the world to boast two UNESCO world heritage sites! 

Standing on an 80-metre-high hill perched above Šibenik is Barone fortress, ​​built in 1646. This fortress offers breathtaking views of Šibenik’s old town and St. Anthony’s Channel and is unique in that it was built in just 58 days to defend the city from the Ottomans! Šibenik also boasts two other land fortresses, St. John’s and St. Michael’s, the latter of which is used for summer concerts. 

Split Day Trip to Krka & Šibenik
The Fortress of St. Nicholas is Šibenik’s single sea fortress and is located at the entrance to St. Anthony’s Channel. This 16th-century fortification is protected by UNESCO thanks to its rare Renaissance architecture and it can be easily visited by boat in just 30 minutes from Šibenik’s Old Town!
Visit Sibenik

Šibenik’s second UNESCO world heritage site is also an icon of the city – the Cathedral of St. James.
This one-of-a-kind cathedral underwent an over 100-year construction in the 15th and 16th centuries and evolved through Gothic, Gothic-Renaissance and Renaissance styles.

Sibenik Cathedral by Jelena Vrancic
St. James’ Cathedral is made entirely of stone and is today considered the most important architectural Renaissance monument in Croatia. 
šibenik St. James’ Cathedral
There is no better way to crown your time in Šibenik than with a meal in one of the city’s many great restaurants (there is a Michelin-star one, too) and then later pop into Yum Pastry Shop to satisfy your sweet tooth with cakes sculpted into the city’s famous monuments! 
Šibenik yum pastry shop

You can explore the beauties of Šibenik and Krka National Park on the Šibenik & Krka Tour from Split.

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