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About me

  • licensed tourist guide for Split-Dalmatia & Šibenik-Knin county
  • a university degree in English language and literature
  • enthusiastic about art and culture
  • specialized in accompanying small groups throughout Dalmatia
  • home-based in Split
  • touristic tours are tailored in accordance with customers’ interests and preferences
  • connoisseur of local cuisine and restaurants

If you would like to make a reservation for a walking tour, a day trip or any type of excursion, please e-mail me and I will do my best to organise the best Croatia experience for you!

Besides this,  I also organise transfers and help you find the best local guides in other Croatian cities! Should you need any other help in planning a perfect itineray do not hesitate to contact me.

Professionals working with me and myself are very protective of gay community so you can rest assured that we will take into account your concerns about safety as well as recommend unique travel experiences.


What I do

Experience of enabling other people to explore, feel and learn about new countries and other cultures is exciting and irreplaceable. The pleasure is all the greater when it comes to your own country. I exceptionally love my job and I enjoy every contact with my guests. This is a precious position. My passion is working with satisfied clients whom I consider my personal friends.

I am passionate about the history and lifestyle of my hometown, islands and hinterland. Thus, my mission as a guide is to make my guests feel at home when in Split and its vicinity.

My guidance is not only about rich history of Dalmatia, dating back to times of ancient Rome and even earlier, but to make my guests familiar with the life in Dalmatia today. In my tours you will get to know more about our gastronomy, heritage and natural beauties.


Split walking tours


Discover the old part of the largest Dalmatian city of Split and travel back to the ancient Roman Empire ( even to the times before that ) with the licensed guide. The rich cultural heritage of this city will amaze you with its galleries and museums located in the vicinity of the gorgeous Adriatic sea which will make you want to return to Split again and again.

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Trogir and Salona tour


Make the most of your day as you set off to explore Trogir – a “museum city”, a unique site in the vicinity of Split that will leave you awestruck by its beauty and history. One will hardly find another city in the world as culturally rich as Trogir in relation to its size.

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The Island of Hvar Tours

hvar_pakleni_otoci_jelena_vrancic_walking_tours (1)

The island of Hvar is one of the world’s most truly exquisite destinations, and one which offers the very best whatever you are seeking.
Sunshine? Welcome to the sunniest island in Europe!
Cultural heritage? The history of Stari Grad on the island of Hvar is usually reckoned from 384 BC, when a safe harbour, fresh drinking water and a large, fertile plain drew the Ionian Greeks to create a settlement which they called Pharos.

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National Park Krka Waterfalls Tour

krka waterfalls

This day trip to Krka Waterfalls and Šibenik Town is a trip for all seasons. The park can be visited throughout the entire year thanks to a network of paths and bridges that enable comfortable and safe walking.

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Plitvice Lakes

plitvice lakes

Explore beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park on this day-long trip from Split. The one-of-a-kind national park, a UNESCO-listed site, boasts coniferous forests and enough tranquility to calm even the most nervous soul.

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The town of Sinj


The town of Sinj, situated in the Dalmatian hinterland, is a prime example of how tourists are rewarded for traveling ‘out of the box’.
Historic Sinj is a treasure in many ways. Located about half an hour’s drive from Split, it is a popular tourist town, but fortunately on a smaller and more relaxed scale than coastal cities.

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The best way to appreciate it, is to book a walking tour without someone like our AMAZING private guide, Jelena Vrancic to really get a feel for history and local lore. (Send me a note if you want her contact info)
Jim, Canada,

We’ve not only taken tours all over the world, but I’m a tour guide myself based in NYC. There’s no advice I can give her. It starts with the personality, then adaptability, and finishes with new friends having coffee on a small square. Actually it finished with a restaurant she recommended that produced the best fish of the trip. Jelena is funny, smart, and may I say even beautiful (that helps with the attention spans). And she knows her stuff. We came loaded with questions and she had all the answers. You can only do this properly with small private groups. You get to know someone, and get closer to the culture. I feel like I scored a home run with this one.

Ziggy60, New York,

After years of traveling, I have learned that a great guide will turn a good trip into a fantastic trip. If you are able to have a great private guide, your trip will be enhanced far more than if you attempted to see a city and the surroundings independently. This is what Jelena was able to accomplish for us. Jelena was a fantastic private guide.

Luxury1Georgia, Georgia,