Like any other city on the Mediterranean, Split also has a very easy-going lifestyle with a great number of cafés on almost every corner. Thanks to the amazing weather and about 2,700 hours of sunshine a year, it is possible to sit outside and sip your café latte during each season. This January has really been fantastic and I sometimes wonder if spring has already started? When I show the city to my guests, we often have a coffee/ cake break. It is nice to take it easy and explore the city without any rush, as we would say “pomalo”. Especially with such tours that are a bit longer like Grand Tour of Split. For my blog here, I have only chosen four cafés, but the list is really endless.

Žbirac café

One of the places locals and visitors adore is, of course, a famous Žbirac café on an even more famous beach called Bačvice. You can get a little bit of a tan while enjoying the spectacular view of sea and islands.

I love the two seagulls perching there ( don’t they blend in nicely? ) – a work of art by sculptor Neno Mikulić.

Bačvice beach is the place where locals play their beloved game of picigin. It is an amateur sport played in shallow water where the  players’ goal is to keep a small ball from touching the water. You can join in or maybe just watch it comfortably from the shade of the café.

Dvor café

Besides being a restaurant known for fine dining, Dvor is a café, too. It has a beautiful outdoor garden with stunning sea views. It is twenty minutes’ walk from the old town of Split which makes it less touristy.

The outdoor seating is very appealing and even during the hottest days you can sit here comfortably thanks to the deep shade of trees. Gazing into the sea and listening to the waves makes it both soothing and romantic! Coffee is nice, too!

D 16 café

In the very old town of Split (a minute walk from the Peristyle square ) in Dominisova street there is a specialty coffee place. If you are a true coffee aficionado think no more! The moment you step in you will see James Hoffman’s World Atlas of Coffee and you’ll know you are onto something. Knowledgeable and friendly stuff eager to share their passion for coffee in a nice and cosy place is definitely worth visiting when in Split.
There’s coffee at the end of the tunnel.

Crvčak café

Last, but definitely not least is Cvrčak. It is another dreamlike spot to completely relax and soak up the sun, located on the western side of the city, close to ACI Marina, Split. I love coming here in winter to have coffee and enjoy the sun’s rays. During the summer, I come here with my friends for a swim and then, more often than not, we stay in the evening for an aperitif.

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